Smokings ams so cools!

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this is the coolest thing ever. oh i love t/s interactions, and this little moment is just so well drawn and in character that it almost hurts looking at. just adore the lighter’s flame as well as skwisgaar’s hands. urgh. why is this so perfect??

Okha really does the best MTL fanart!

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Hay look what if i post this without any context.

what the

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There’s supposed to be a klok-a-teer in the background holding a waiter’s tray of bleach, but it’s getting late and I gotta get up early for work tomorrow. I’ll finish/colour/fix this s’more when I get a chance.

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Fuckin toki <3

I’d do him. So much.  UUuunf.

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I’ve finally drawn them all together.

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Work in progress.:D Love how their face expressions turned out. Hope, that I don’t ruin them later.

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