Oh heavens, this is PERFECT. Amazing noir-themed 2007 photoshoot by national treasure Annie Liebovitz for Vanity Fair, and featuring a whole slew of my favorite actors. Talk about writing prompts. (I’m shipping the Angelica Huston & Sharon Stone characters).

A few more images here.

i boner


everyone shut up and look at this

Dame Judi Dench and Helen Mirren? DAMN.

Quota (he’s the photographer), but also just an awesome thing in general.

Whoops, sorry, I appear to have died from overexposure to badassery upon viewing these pictures.

While the first picture is awesome, Dench and Mirren weren’t actually photographed together - it’s a composite image. Hence Dench’s eyeline not actually making sense given Mirren’s position. I wish they were photographed together; I’m sure they would have played off each other far better.

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  • Obama: Doesn't want to ban porn.
  • Obama: Doesn't want to restrict your internet.
  • Obama: Doesn't want to take away your guns.
  • Obama: Supports gay marriage.
  • Obama: Education for all!
  • Obama: Universal healthcare!
  • Obama: Wants to continue Planned Parenthood!
  • Americans: You're destroying this country.
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carry on: RDJ joking around on the set of The Avengers


RDJ joking around on the set of The Avengers

“Saving the world is serious business for a superhero. But when Robert Downey Jr. starts a battle scene on the set of The Avengers, he doesn’t exactly have on an Iron Man face.

Just before cameras roll, the smiling actor whispers up a competition with his co-stars — Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris Evans (Captain America), Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) and Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow). Whoever gives the most distracting off-camera look to Tom Hiddleston (enemy Loki) wins.

‘For an entire take, they are all giving these seductive, come-on faces,’ Hiddleston says. ‘I had to fight to keep a straight face.’

‘We look at him (Downey) as our quarterback,’ Evans says. ‘He’s always smiling. And that’s infectious.’

Whedon gets his silence and his scene, which allows Downey to get to the urgent matter of asking Hiddleston to judge his contest.

‘It was a photo finish between Downey and Scarlett,’ Hiddleston says with a laugh. ‘They were giving some serious come-ons.”

(Source: USA Today)

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