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Tried something different. Dethklok + polygonal lasso tool :D

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Dethdinner (episode description)


As Dethklok hosts the most important dinner of their career, the divvying of album credits, over tagging on social networking sites, and fights over a girl come to head. Can CFO keep their issues in check? Will the record executives forgive them for the past year of mistakes? Or will it be a total, brutal disaster?

>  and fights over a girl come to head

Abigail, enough is enough.

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just because it’s hilarious.

Pickles is a romantic at heart.

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(Last minute print for A-Kon!!)

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Smokings ams so cools!

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this is the coolest thing ever. oh i love t/s interactions, and this little moment is just so well drawn and in character that it almost hurts looking at. just adore the lighter’s flame as well as skwisgaar’s hands. urgh. why is this so perfect??

Okha really does the best MTL fanart!

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I know, the drumkit looks chaotic and Pickles can hardly reach the left bass drum, but at least I had some fun with colors and composition. This is also heavily inspired by Dethklok’s epic amusement park concert in “Motherklok” (to those, who are not familiar with Metalocalypse, beware of gore and violence!), the visual style of Motorcity and the music of Mastodon.

are you f♫ing kidding me? this is great! no, better than great. gorgeous! i love the composition all in all and the colours just add a lot of the whole “stage perfomance”feel to it. doesn’t matter if he can’t reach the bass drum - he’s goddamn pickles the most brutal drummer of all alkdajsdhjs. maybe his heavy drumming shoved his stool a few centimeters back cuz he was hammering away like a god. 
also i cannot stop staring at the cymbal it’s so shiny *touches*
good job okha. it’s brilliant and one of the best (if not THE best) MTL fanart i’ve seen of pickles.

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Hay look what if i post this without any context.

what the

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