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so here’s a bit of a treat. This is a piece I did that has never been shown in any capacity ever. This is Unused art I made a few years ago to along with the Captain American Premium Format statue from Sideshow Collectibles from the first film.. It was inevitable never approved in time to be produced along with the statue, but I’ve finally received word I can share it, so at least there is that. 

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"Because, and you listen close, Steven. You always stand up.”

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I thought I could fly
So why did I drown?
I’ll never know why
Its coming down, down, down.

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The real reason Bucky left (original caps)

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Punch me in the face if I draw him again

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~ Finally ~


Those posters in the back are (i hope) the original ones from the New York World Fair from 1939.

hosith :D

Im loving it forever. I  need a print of this, to keep and not forget. *v*

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New print for Japan Expo 2014!!! Find me at the “Ziggies On Mars" booth! We’ll get a plan soon.
It’ll be up on my shop as soon as I’m back from the con.
I wanted to try a new way of colouring and keeping my black shading which i just love doing. So, drew my Big Blond & Beautiful duo!

Well clearly I will have to buy this when it shows up in your shop!

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Captain America by Ben Oliver / Twitter

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Captain America ruined Superman for me



Such a great, astute review of both Cap 2 and Man of Steel, and the crucial differences between two very similar characters, Steve and Clark, especially as they’re portrayed in their most recent iterations. She makes some super insightful observations about characterization that I think a lot of the time get overlooked when we watch/think about/respond to action and superhero movies. Like:

The Winter Soldier understands the difference between a morally compromised character and morally compromising a character. 

Dang. Yes. I’m so using those exact words the next time I’m working on ramping up conflict or refining character motivations with an author. 

Also, I might have teared up. A bit. Or a lot. I mean:

But what really struck me about The Winter Soldier is that in it Marvel takes their Boy Scoutiest hero and turns him into a deeply depressed, suicidal mope who never loses sight of his moral code. In order to make Superman work in their desired context—i.e., gritty, dark, Nolanesque—Man of Steel had to dispense with his morality. But The Winter Soldier never betrays Cap’s inherent goodness, they just show us a good man beat down so far he kind of really wants to die.

Man. I love Steve Rogers. A lot. And really want to give the guy a hug. And possibly make Sam talk to him about therapy and medication. *sigh* 

Only thing I’m not on board with is the equating of “straightforward” with “boring,” which seems like a common misconception when it comes to Cap’s characterization. That aside, this made me want to go right back and see TWS another time. 

Also also also: really good breakdown of Bucky as a protagonist/the character who’s actually on the hero’s journey more so than Steve, and of what the two characters mean to each other in general over the course of their arc as foils (seriously, you’ll cry. I dare you not to.) I mean, I think they’re both protagonists — you don’t have to choose one or the other, there can be multiple protagonists — but I like how she assesses Bucky’s character through the lens of the (slow, labyrinthine, ridiculously painful) redemption arc he’s clearly on that I’m sure’s going to be a major focal point from here on out Cap-movie-wise, and not through the lens of a secondary character, which he clearly isn’t anymore, if he ever was in the first place.

Great review and great commentary on it too! 

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